Air fryer 

My husband has been wanting one of these! I can’t wait to get it and play with it and cook all kinds of amazing food!!!!


Must have! <3

This  beautiful article of clothing would be perfect for just about any occasion. You can wear it to work, to the park, on a night out on the town. It will go great with jeans, dress pants slacks and even skirt. Simply beautiful to say the least. 

I would be buying more of these. The sizing is 100% on key and I’m super happy that the size fits great. Finding clothes my size has been hard, and nice clothes even harder. This has worked 100% and I have wore it to a few interviews already, and got the jobs. 
I will be buying some more for my friends for Christmas! I believe this line is a must have. 
#Got4Free #myopinon 
Zeagoo Women Aztec Long Sleeve Open Front Geometric Asymmetrical Hem Cardigan

World map!!! 

This map is perfect for your classroom, your office or your home. Can’t get better than having a world map and one that you can scratch off  as you learn or travel or maybe have some students from there! No matter what your reasons are behind getting this map you truly won’t be disappointed. 

It fits in the wall nicely and doesn’t take up to much room, but at the same times isn’t to small either. Really perfect for your children bedroom. 
This would make a great gift for you teacher!
I did get this product for free. This is my honest opinion of this product. 

Oh my spoons!!!

Does your children throw your spoons away? Do you always wonder how you went from 12 spoons to 2? 

Yeah me to! So when I was giving the chance to get free spoons I couldn’t pass it up! Not only am I so happy that I have more spoons but I will be sad if my children lose these spoons. 

These spoons are heavy and strong. Have you ever got yourself a bowl of ice cream and couldn’t find the ice scoop? So you think let me just use my spoon. Than once you put that spoon in the tub of ice cream to get that first scoop you spoons bends? I think we have all been there. So I tested this spoon on just that. And guess what? The spoon didn’t bend! I was so excited. 

If you need heavy spoons that done easily bend than I would go to Amazon and get a set of these today.

Snoring keeping you up at night????!

Do you have a problem with snoring? Maybe your other half does? Does it just drive you crazy? 
These may be the thing for you. This pack come with five different sizes. This way you can find the perfect fit for you. I personally had my husband try them since he snores through out the night but I also tried them on just to get an idea what they fill like. I personally didn’t care or notice much that it was there. My husband on the other hand felt they were a bit uncomfortable. He would have to get use to them if I want him to keep using them. He tested them out last night for me and I didn’t notice snoring while we slept. The ways these seem to work is they open up your nostrils giving you more air flow throughout the night. This making it easier to breath and making you snore less or not at all. 
This was a free product. I have given my honest and unbiased opinion of.

Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is pretty neat overall. This diffuser has two buttons. One controls the mist that comes out, the smell that comes with this diffuser is a Rosemary smell almost. Than you use the other button to turn the light part on. I love that this light is bright enough to light up the living room throughout the night. It goes through a few different colors, green, blue as well as red. 

It also comes with a measuring container so that you can put more oils in this diffuser. I think that this product would be good to have in many rooms in the house. I need more for the bathrooms because this one works so great. 

I personally would buy this at the full price for other people as gifts. This would be a great Christmas gift. 

Disclaimer: This is a discounted product. I decided it deserved a review. 

PowerLead Tdif PLH004 100ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode Humidifier with Color LED Lights Changing and Waterless Auto Shut-off Function

200 Gel Pens!! 200!!!

Gel pens review 

These gel pens are great. I love that I have 100 different colors of gel pens as well as 100 refill gel for them. I personally love to color with my gel pens so having the refill come with them just works so great for me.


I love working with these gels pens because they so easily color and move along the page. No matter if I’m coloring or if I’m just writing notes it’s simple and glides through the page with no problems. 
I believe that for this price and the amount of gel pens and colors on top of refills that you are getting that this is a truly great deal that can’t be passed up. 
The only thing I don’t like is that the case they come in is so flimsy and its plastic of course that I had to move them over to a different container to keep them together. 
Disclaimer: This is a discounted item. I decided this product deserved a review. 
200 Piece Gel Pen Set – 100 Pens PLUS 100 Refills – Ideal for Adult Coloring Books and Kids Projects – Premium Quality Pens-Glitter, Metallic, Fluorescent, Pastel, Neon, Rainbow, Standard Colors