Does your children throw your spoons away? Do you always wonder how you went from 12 spoons to 2? 

Yeah me to! So when I was giving the chance to get free spoons I couldn’t pass it up! Not only am I so happy that I have more spoons but I will be sad if my children lose these spoons. 

These spoons are heavy and strong. Have you ever got yourself a bowl of ice cream and couldn’t find the ice scoop? So you think let me just use my spoon. Than once you put that spoon in the tub of ice cream to get that first scoop you spoons bends? I think we have all been there. So I tested this spoon on just that. And guess what? The spoon didn’t bend! I was so excited. 

If you need heavy spoons that done easily bend than I would go to Amazon and get a set of these today.