Do you have a problem with snoring? Maybe your other half does? Does it just drive you crazy? 
These may be the thing for you. This pack come with five different sizes. This way you can find the perfect fit for you. I personally had my husband try them since he snores through out the night but I also tried them on just to get an idea what they fill like. I personally didn’t care or notice much that it was there. My husband on the other hand felt they were a bit uncomfortable. He would have to get use to them if I want him to keep using them. He tested them out last night for me and I didn’t notice snoring while we slept. The ways these seem to work is they open up your nostrils giving you more air flow throughout the night. This making it easier to breath and making you snore less or not at all. 
This was a free product. I have given my honest and unbiased opinion of.